Brineon is an independent game studio headquartered in Amsterdam. The studio was officially founded on May 27th, 2013 by three experienced game programmers who were tired of seeing basically the same games being released every year. They decided to combine more than 20 years of experience as game programmers and almost half a century of experience as gamers to create truly innovative and fun games. Games that cannot be compared with any other game released before.

The first of these games is Saiph, a real-time strategy game that focus ultimately on strategy and not on tactics or on multitasking. To be successful in Saiph, the player needs to define a good strategy and manage resources wisely instead of be able to click in 78 buttons in a nanosecond while controlling 259 units at the same time. Saiph can be considered a minimalist game. There is no technology tree, no rock-paper-scissor mechanics, and no complex resource system. Saiph will be released on Android and iOS.



Brineon is completely independent. Because of that, we don't have to play safe. We can, and we must, play cool.

Gameplay > Graphics

We never start our games with a specific visual style in mind. In our games, the main function of graphical elements is to support the gameplay. All the components of our games are designed to support the gameplay. We believe that a good game experience is mainly a reflection of a good gameplay. Besides that, when we are having a flow experience in a game we don't really care about graphics and other minor things.

Innovation > Imitation

If you wanna play something like Mario, play Mario. If you want to play something like Counter Strike, play Counter Strike. If you want to play something like GTA, play GTA, we guarantee that there is nothing more like GTA than GTA. But, if you want to play something else, then you should try our games.

Intuitive > Instructive

We focus in developing unique game mechanics. But just because it is unique doesn't have to be difficult to learn. Our games do not have tutorials.  Who does like tutorials? We develop games, not tax systems. Our games are meant to be simple and intuitive. You learn how to play our games by playing them.

Fun > Fame & Fortune

We want you to play our games because they are fun. Simple like that. Not because your friend was coerced to invite you to play. Not because it is a sequel of a previously successful game. We are gamers before developers. We started in this industry as gamers and this is how we are going to end. We believe that we must focus on developing fun games. This is our main guideline and everything else is just a consequence of that.